The Not So Slow Period December 22 2011, 3 Comments

For us, the time between September and February is generally the "slow period". It's a time for us to gather ideas, explore opportunities, re-tool, and refine the event in order to present something special the next year.

It's also when we get to try a ton of burgers in order to decide who to invite in 2012.

Off the top of my head, here's the list that we've tried so far this year:

- Parkburger
- H Burger
- Highland Tap and Burger
- Highland Tavern
- ChoLon
- Row 14
- Mateo
- Five Star Burgers
- CooHills
- District Meats
- My Brothers Bar
- Le Grand
- Colt and Gray
- Linger
- Biker Jim's
- Relish It
- Ambria
- Smashburger
- Ale House
- Crave

Some really fine burgers in that group already. See this this monster above? It's from Highland Tavern, called the "Stupid Burger". Massive

Our goal is to canvas the state this year and pull some favorites from places like Boulder, Ft Collins, Co Springs, etc. Not sure of the logistics with getting them prepped and set up for the event in Denver, but we'll make it work if we find the right restaurants.

Another fun thing in the "slow period" has been the beginnings of recognition for the event nationally. We recently helped the founder of a similar event in Miami after he had researched the event and liked what he saw. We were also approached by a TV production studio about a show on burgers. After a few good interviews, they wanted to see what we looked like eating burgers and describing it - awkward moments later - here's what we made:

Worth noting in the video is a trip to the site where the first ever trademark for a cheeseburger was given to a restaurant - it's right here in Denver.  There's a plaque in the middle of a bank parking lot to commemorate it.  Can you guess which burger we're eating in the last segment?

Finally, we'd like to wish you a happy holidays and wonderful new year! Fans like you have made our year so enjoyable and memorable, we can't even begin to thank you enough. We sincerely thank you for all of your support in 2011 and we hope to see you in 2012!


Jeremy and Kelly