Gearing Up... April 18 2012, 0 Comments

And we're off!

  Each year, we've had something new and exciting at DBB that we love to talk about.  Year one it was the event concept.  Year two it was the enormous tent.  Year three... it is the venue.  We're about to sign the contract, so I can't say yet, but rest assured it's a BIG announcement.  It's an unmistakable icon in our city.  Friends and relatives across the country instantly know this place.  We're proud to host our participants and attendees here and expect it to be memorable.

Assuming all goes well in the next week, we'll make an announcement in late May.  Can't wait!  Here's a hint:



  The other bit of news is that we have ALL 12 attendees committed!  As of this writing, we've announced 5, and we'll reveal a new one every week on our facebook page.  Some vets, some rookies, some you may not know of, others you may have known for decades.  People often ask how we select the participants (all participants are hand-picked). Here is the criteria:

#1 How do we think it tastes in comparison to the other restaurants we've tried?

#2 Does their burger have a strong local following?

#3 Have they won any awards for their burger?

Big emphasis on #1.  Taste is the whole ballgame.  If we really believe in a place and the flavor of their burgers, we'll look past awards and buzz.  Such was the case with Highland Tap and Burger last year.

For participants this year, we scoured the state, evaluating 80 different burgers.  We drove 3 hours into the mountains to have Fatbelly Burger in Carbondale, two hours to Pueblo for a Bingo Burger, a marathon seven burgers in Boulder, and an out-of-the-way joint in Ft Lupton called "Fat Brothers".


(Bingo Burger)

The twelve participants that we selected genuinely represent the best burgers we had.  Excited for you to try em all!

- J & K