The List is OUT! May 29 2012, 10 Comments

Ladies and Gentlemen - below are the 12 competitors in the 2012 Denver Burger Battle!  I've also included a little about why we chose each: 

- Parkburger.  2010 & 2011 Judges Winner.  Consistently in the top 3 of People's Choice as well.  Best bun in Denver.  Fanatic about quality and ingredients.  Same beef as In-N-Out (Harris Ranch). Often at the very top of "Best Burger in Denver" lists.

- Highland Tap and Burger.  2011 People's Choice Winner.  Amazing flavor combinations, example #1: Shroom Luvvas burger.  Foie gras topping & truffled aioli blew away attendees last year.  Countless DBB fans have described serious cravings since.

- H Burger.  2010 People's Choice Winner.  Sweet and spicy, salty and meaty.  One damn fine burger.  

- Mateo.  Excellent beef.  Simple, delicious combination of herb aoili, freshly baked bun, and seared ground sirloin won us over.

- Madison Street.  Troy Guard asked if we wanted to put them in, and originally we were skeptical since we already had TAG in the competition.  All affiliation with TAG ends at the door - the flavor of the "Kick Ass Burger" is what put this in the top 12.  Simply delicious.

- Row 14.  Had this burger while making a video.  It was so good, I could barely concentrate on what I was doing or saying.  The fried egg was perfection, and spilled its creamy yolk over ham, beef, bun, avocado, and anything else in its way.  A total triumph.  

- Cholon.  Chef Lon knows flavors. The guy was executive chef of Buddakan in NYC for pete's sake.  Exhibit A: The bun is buttered with rendered beef fat.  Sure, the burger is a little different - it's an asian restaurant.  But the twists are comfortable and tasty.

- Larkburger.  We've tried to get them in the competition for the last 3 years.  Their truffle burger is a thing of beauty.  The incredible, earthy sauce drips throughout the burger, uplifting everything from the bun, to the cheese, to the perfectly cooked patty.

- CityGrille - You may have seen their sign "Best Burger in Denver".  These guys won it again in 2011 from 5280 Magazine, no less.  Add this accolade to the pile of awards their steakburger has won over the last 20 years.  It can be inconsistent, but when it's on, it's extremely good.  

- Crave - They may have come up short for People's Choice trophy, but Crave captured a lot of hearts last year.  Their creativity is off the charts, and each iteration builds on a rock-solid foundation of a well-made burger.  I've had at least 6 different burgers, and each time I'm amazed that the combination worked.  They earned their way in.

- The Sink - Food Network just recently had their burger on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. There's a reason this has been a Boulder landmark for 89 years.  They make one of the best burgers in the state.  One of our team commented that it reminded her most of Shake Shack in NYC.  High praise, indeed.     


And now... I present you what I consider the 5 biggest snubs of 2012:

1.  CandleLight Tavern

2.  Highland Tavern 

3.  Rockabillies

4.  My Brother's Bar

5.  Buds Bar

Jeremy Kossler

Co-Founder - Denver Burger Battle