The Burger Battle is Nigh! August 18 2012, 0 Comments

A couple of details as we enter burger battle week:


... is FREE!  Park in lots A & B.  These are at the front entrance right near the statues of the horses.


- I'll admit, in past years, the gift bag could be a little light.  Stickers, keychains, etc, but no real meat. Last year, we had a free burger from Smashburger, which I thought was great and something I would have liked as an attendee.  So - this year we wanted to continue in that direction to make the bags valuable and less like an afterthought.  Here is what you'll get:

- FREE burger from Larkburger (any burger on their menu)

- FREE cupcake at Happy Cakes

- $10 off at Cholon

- 20% off ANY item at Sports Authority

- Half off any burger at Red Robin's Burger Works

- Dining Out magazine

- stickers from Avery and Great Divide

- metal bottle opener keychain from O'Dell

- fabric bag from Sports Authority (good for groceries)

To us, our test is whether we would use the stuff in the bags.  In this case, I've used at least 2 of them even before the event has started.  We hope you'll like them - don't forget to grab em on the way out!


- One thing we noticed when we attended burger events like DBB was just how full you get in a short period of time.  Like Thanksgiving-Day full.  you want nothing to do with food after an hour.  So - if not eat, what do you do (besides drink of course)?  We attempted to solve that this year with some non-food activities like these: 

Football throwing challenge on the field.  

I can't say enough about how excited I am for this.  Our guests will get to throw a football on one of the best NFL fields in the country!  We're having a target built, and if you can throw through the hole in the target, you'll get entered to win a $500 fly anywhere gift card from Frontier!  You can play as many times as you want, and each time you "score", you'll get a ticket in the raffle.  All of this is completely free with your admission, mind you.

Caricature artists.  

We did this at an event like ours in NYC and we still have the picture.  No matter how many times you've had it done over the years, its always fun to see how a professional draws your features.  We've got 2 of them for you.  Again, free with admission.

Photo booth. 

 The team at The Event Booth do a great job of making this tradition fresh and creative.  Free with admission.


The last detail is an interesting one.  We got a message a month or so ago that DBB had been selected as the regional qualifier for the World Food Championships.  That means our people's choice winner will represent CO to 50,000 attendees in Vegas at the Burger Event in November.  We're excited about the affiliation, and will try our best to fly out to Vegas and support our winner!

Things are coming together!  We're super-excited to give you the best event we've ever done!  See you soon!

Jeremy Kossler


Denver Burger Battle